QZUnique Women’s Elegant Tape Shaped Shoulder Bag Vintage

This elegant tape-shaped vintage shoulder bag comes from QZUnique and it is one of a kind. Its shape is really appealing to any teenager obsessed with vintage fashion items. It is made with a realistic appearance and it is sure to draw a lot of attention and receive a lot of compliments. This shoulder bag is completed with a very fashion-forward chain that makes it look really stylish. The purse features a hard case that snaps open at the top, providing plenty of space on the inside for storing wallet, keys, cell phone or any everyday item. There are 3 colors to choose from – black, white and transparent. The transparent case makes the most unique and it is a perfect choice for the bold fashion risk takers.

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Detailed information about QZUnique Women’s Elegant Tape Shaped Shoulder Bag Vintage

The long strap on this purse allows the user to wear it in two ways. It can be either worn on the shoulder or it can be worn as a crossbody. It can also be worn as a clutch! The strap fits nicely inside the bag and it can instantly transform into a clutch - if the situation demands it. It can be worn out to dinners or to a movie with friends. This purse will make a great gift as it is a popular choice among teens,