Monogrammed Gifts

Monogrammed gifts are some of the best gifts to give! No, seriously, they are personalized and useful and fit for just about any occasion and for any person. Shopping for a lady? Get her a bag or a piece of jewelry. A man? Cufflinks, a wallet, or a golf shirt. And those are just to name a few ideas! Monogrammed gifts are a wonderful gift to give for a birthday, anniversary, graduation gift, or over the holidays. It can be difficult to decide what gift to get specifically. How do you decide what the perfect gift will be to monogram? We have curated this list to answer that specific question. All of these monogrammed gifts can easily be made unique with a monogram and are items that anyone is sure to love. If you aren’t sure where to begin, you have come to the right place. Check out our list and see what you find!

What Can be Monogrammed? Some Cool Ideas you May Have Not Thought Of

Are you considering gifting someone a monogrammed item? While there’s always the typical monogrammed shirts, purses, and jewelry, do you want something a little more unique? It turns out you are in luck!

If you are in need of some inspiration, keep reading for some cool monogram ideas you may not have thought of!

1. Beach Towels

You might have already thought to have bath towels monogrammed for at home, but why not also have beach towels monogrammed?

Not only will the detail make the towel look super sophisticated, but you also won’t have to worry about remembering which towel is yours!

2. Dinnerware

Why not have a nice set of plates or bowls monogrammed? Plenty of people think to have glassware etched with their initials, but we also think it’s a great idea to have dinnerware monogrammed as well!

This is especially great for the person who loves hosting dinner parties and are looking for some unique touches to add to your decor- this will definitely do the trick!

3. Soap

Yes, you can actually have soap monogrammed, and we think it is such a cool idea.

It is little details like this that can really make a space feel so special. Not to mention, it’s just plain cool!

4. Yoga Mat

If you’ve ever been to a packed yoga class, it can get a little confusing when everyone’s mat starts to look the same. Make yours easily stand out from the crowd and have it monogrammed!

We also think this is a great idea for the person who wants to get serious about yoga and working out.

5. Luggage

If someone is a frequent traveler, this is such a great idea that is equal parts cool and practical, especially if the suitcase tends to blend in with everyone else’s (note to self - never buy another black suitcase!).

A monogram can help to further differentiate it from everyone else’s at the airport.

6. Note Cards/Thank Yous

Step up your ‘thank you’ game by having your own set of monogrammed cards!

Perfect for sending a thank you or just leaving a quick note for someone, this is such a cool way to correspond and keep in touch with friends, family, and even coworkers.

Writing out a thank you card might feel like a boring task, but it’ll certainly be less annoying when you’ve got cool monogrammed cards to write on!

7. Clutch Bag

We’ve all seen (and probably had) the large weekender bags with our initials on it. And there’s nothing wrong with them! They are incredibly convenient for quick weekend getaways.

However, had you ever thought to monogram other bags, such as a small clutch bag? We think it’s a great way to step up the accessory and will make for such a fun accent to your outfit!

The monogram these days is as much a decorative element as it is a representation of your name. Have fun with it on your accessories!

8. Napkins

Best of all, you can get paper disposable napkins monogrammed which are perfect for pool parties or backyard barbeques, and also get linen napkins monogrammed as well for more formal dinner parties!

Pull these out along with your monogrammed dinnerware and you will have such a sophisticated table set up for your next party!

9. Wrapping Paper

Here’s a really unique idea you have probably never thought of. Why not get personalized wrapping paper complete with someone's initials?

We think that is such a fun idea and will definitely be the talk of whatever party or holiday event you show up to!

If you really want to get fancy, you could consider getting a monogrammed paper for various family members and use it for their gifts.

Not only will they love the gift, but they will also love the wrapping paper so much they may not even want to open the gift!

10. Coasters

Finally, another unique item to consider monogramming is a set of coasters!

You know you’ve finally become an adult when you have your own set of coasters, and monogramming them makes it feel even more official. Keep your tables water stain free - in style!

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Finding the perfect Monogram Gifts

Have you seen monogrammed items before and thought - what a great gift idea? We know we have!

Monogrammed gifts are great gifts for any person, any occasion, any time of year.

If you are worried the gift you got isn’t personal enough, guess what? Monogram it, and there you have it.

A simple monogram can turn any ordinary gift into an extraordinary, personal one that anyone is sure to love.

What is great about monogramming is that you can do it to just about anything.

Clothing, jewelry, glassware, furniture, backpacks, purses, cufflinks, and so much more! Seriously, we don’t think there is anything that you can’t monogram!

Are you shopping for a gift for your children? Are you also worried they are going to get things mixed up like their backpacks or lunch boxes? Why not get them monogrammed and give them as a gift.

Fun, personalized, and totally useful. A monogram is a great way to elevate a gift, but it is also equally practical!

Get Practical!

The key to a great monogrammed gift is to get the person you are shopping for something that they really love or use a lot (or you know they would love and use a lot).

Personalize it with their initials, and you’ve given them their new favorite item- whatever it happens to be!

Our list has thought of everything, including gift ideas for men and women, and for people of all ages from seniors to young ones. You can easily find the perfect gift in no time by looking at our guide.

Monogrammed gifts are great to give to groups of people - whether it is your children, siblings, or even your coworkers!

This is a great way to make each gift feel special even though it is the same item.

If you have decided you’d like to get someone a monogrammed gift, you have come to the right place!

Take a look at our gift guide and see what you find- we are sure you will pick the perfect gift in no time at all. Don’t wait, start shopping today!