Kathy Van Zeeland Croco PVC Luggage Set of 4 Pieces

We have just found theperfect gift for the globetrotter in your life and its none other than this 4-piece luggage set by Kathy Van Zeeland. Sure, they might have a luggage set with them, but this particular one will, without a doubt become a to-go-to piece any time they are ready to pack their bags for yet another trip.

Here are the reasons why we recommend this magnificent 4-piece luggage for her.

Whether it’s your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, daughter, or anyone else in your life who is always traveling the around the world for various reason, we are pretty sure that this bag will become the most preferred travel companion.

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Detailed information about Kathy Van Zeeland Croco PVC Luggage Set of 4 Pieces

For starters, everything about this ladies 4-piece luggage set is stylish. It is available in burgundy and black, which are amazing colors that go with just about any style.

It's unique and classy and, it will always stand out conspicuously on the luggage carousel.

All the pieces feature a sophisticated designer pattern that elevates the entire set to keep your style wherever your wanderlust passion takes to.

And talking of easy movement, the suitcases are built with an 8-wheeler spinner instead of the conventional 4-wheels.

The wheel design ensures stability, durability, and maximum performance to make your movement around relaxed as much as possible.

In addition, the luggage features telescopic button handle system, and ergonomically handle grips.

This allows you to have control of the suitcase while on the move, especially in crowded airports.


Features a durable construction


Available in a deep lovely color

Features a designer pattern

Can expand to allow extra packing when needed

Ergonomically designed for easier handling and movement