Canned Unicorn Meat

With the latest innovation in the toy world, kids can finally find fun while eating. Well, this makes things easier as they get to enjoy the treats while playing at the same time. But, where do you get such kind of toys? Not to worry, there are plenty of these in the market.

This Think Geek canned unicorn meat is one of the few toy-themed foods for kids. The can comes with canned meat for kids to enjoy as they find fun in the sparkles produced with every bite. The pack can be a lovely gift idea for a child that loves unicorn and certainly enjoys biting chunks of meat.

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Detailed information about Canned Unicorn Meat

The pack holds about 5.5 ounces of delicious unicorn meat that kids can enjoy anytime including when they are away from home for trips. The meat, as they say, is an excellent source of sparkles that kids will love and possibly enjoy all the meat for the experience. Every bite of this meat has a chewy and crunchy effect to add on to the fun.

The meat is also easy to spread on sandwiches. This feature gives you more ways to incorporate the fun while ensuring kids eat. The can is easy to open, and you do not need a can opener. Another surprise lies within the can. There is a cut-up unicorn stuffed toy for your child. They can add this to their collection of unicorns and other gadgets.