Union Products Elephant Watering Can

Nothing says “gardener” out loud like a high-quality watering can! For the individuals who spend most of their time around their beloved plants, and taking care of them, a nice garden hose can make all the difference to their everyday garden chores. Watering the plants is a delicate process that requires patience and compassion and who’s better qualified to understand that than a gardener. So why not let them do that in style with this uber cool elephant watering can!

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Detailed information about Union Products Elephant Watering Can

If you know someone with a green thumb, someone with a knack for growing plants and someone who's trying to keep them in their best shape and form, you can give them the gift of an equally efficient watering can. This hose is overwhelmingly elegant and makes a fine garden accessory to put out on display. Now your gardener will enjoy watering their favorite plants with ease. It’s lightweight even when full, which makes watering the plants a little less painful. With the long spout, you can easily reach for the plants placed in awkward locations.