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Neck Pillow: Realistic Simulation Large Shrimp

This Shrimp neck pillow from Bouti1583 would be a fun gift or a cute home or office gift to the people in your life. It’s uniquely shaped to look like a real shrimp, so you anyone who sees it will without a doubt give it a second look and get a little puzzled. It’s interesting, it’s cute and it’s funny. But most importantly, this neck pillow is comfortable, and it will offer support to the neck. It will not just be a fun gift, but it will also be a practical one to the receiver.


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Detailed information about Neck Pillow: Realistic Simulation Large Shrimp

This is a fun pillow actually offers great neck support. It's comfortably shaped to sit perfectly around the neck and provide comfortable support. It measures approximately 15.74"X11.81" X3.93" with a slight error size.

It's shaped like a real shrimp and it's also designed with a red shrimp color to complete the whole shrimp-look alike pillow. It's actually funny, and it will undoubtedly draw attention and leave everyone around with a puzzled look.


A fun pillow shaped like a real shrimp

It's comfortable with a soft texture

Made from PP cotton material