Idea Up Reversible Sequins Mermaid Pillow

Do you have a kid, teenager, or college student in your life that you are looking for a gift for? Maybe it is for a birthday, holiday, or going away present. There is no way you can go wrong getting a reversible sequin throw pillow for them. These throw pillow cases turn one of two colors depending on which way the sequins are facing. So, by running your finger through the sequins the opposite way you can change the color completely, or just a few of them to write a message or draw something.

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Detailed information about Idea Up Reversible Sequins Mermaid Pillow

These pillow cases are super fun and extremely popular right now. There are a ton of different colors and variety including: pale pink and gold, gold and black, beige and red, black and white, matte gold and matte black, metal grey and black, mint blue and baby pink, matte navy and silver, party pink and silver, pearl white and pale gold, purple and silver, rose gold and white, royal blue and silver, traffic red and silver, black and silver, blue and silver, crystal copper and gold, gold and blue, gold and silver, mermaid green and black, mult white and white, purple and blue, white and gold, and white and silver.