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Prank Pack “Crib Dribbler” – Standard Size Prank Gift Box

Looking to have a big laugh? Are you known to pull off some pretty great pranks? If so, this prank box is the perfect addition to your gift. Are you about to be a parent or a grandparent? Are you the silly aunt or uncle in the family? First birthdays or baby showers don’t have to always be so serious- sometimes some humor is appreciated!

This box is the ‘crib dribbler’ otherwise known as a feeding system for a child in a crib. It holds anything! Water, juice, infant energy drinks, stew, hot chocolate and more! If you are already laughing, you know this is the perfect gift.


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Detailed information about Prank Pack “Crib Dribbler” – Standard Size Prank Gift Box

Yes, this box is meant to display a totally ridiculous item that any parent would be horrified to have in their home and use with their child. That is the best part of it! This is just an empty box, so that inside of it, you can put your actual gift for the child or expecting parents. What a great prank when no one would expect it!

The entire box is covered with images and instructions for the Crib Dribbler, making it seem very much like a real item. The expressions on peoples’ faces as they look at the box (and start to open it) will be priceless! This is a great gift idea if you are looking to bring some laughter to a birthday party or baby shower.