GAMAGO Sippy Cup

This adorable sippy cup from GAMAGO makes the absolute perfect baby shower gift or Christmas gift or first birthday gift for kiddos of coffee lovers! GAMAGO sells a variety of different fun, clever, and silly gifts that more often than not serve a practical purpose in addition to being funny. They have quite a few baby items including different sippy cups for babies designed in cute and clever ways. This particular sippy cup is super cute and perfect for expecting coffee lovers. It is designed to look just like a Starbucks cup, except for your little one!

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Detailed information about GAMAGO Sippy Cup

The adorable sippy cup features a clear cup that has a super cute little symbol on it that is basically the baby version of the famous Starbucks symbol. It is a bright green circle with a smaller black circle within it. Inside of the black circle is a super hip looking little ducky. The ducky sits on white waves and has a clever grin on its face. At the top, right side of the circle, next to the ducky, there is a small white star. Then, around the ducky, within the bright green section of the circle symbol, it reads, “Baby Ducks” on the top of the circle and, “Coffee” at the bottom of the circle. The two things are separated by white stars also within the green section of the circle.