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OEN Wholesale Inspirational Word River Stones

Do you have a business that deals with people on a one to one basis or with small groups; or maybe you run a group that deals with inspirational or spiritual themes; maybe you organise a fitness club or gym. If the answer to any of these is “Yes”, you can be sure that this wholesale product is just for you.

River pebbles, weathered and polished are always a popular item because they are so beautiful and unique. No two are ever the same, just like the people you deal with every day. These Polished River Stones from OEN are so beautiful you will not want to pass them on. Each individual pebble is highly polished and etched with one or a few words. Each piece of text is engraved onto the pebble and hand painted in various shades.

Because these are a natural product there are never any that are exactly the same in size or hue, however the dimensions range from 1.5” up to 3” approximate diameter.

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Detailed information about OEN Wholesale Inspirational Word River Stones

The engraved phrases on each piece of polished rock are all designed to make the reader think, be thankful for what they have or strive for something more: Family; Love; Angel; Believe; Blessed; Breathe; Celebrate; Change; Cherish and so on.

These inspirational pebbles are suitable for many different types of gift and tourist shops, New Age stores, church groups, schools, yoga clubs, meditation circles, motivational speakers, exercise groups, health and wellbeing groups and many more outlets.


The inspirational words and phrases available cover just about any conceivable situation
Polished river pebbles are always beautiful and these are no exception. With the added inspirational text these little guys are fantastic
Bought as wholesale, these pebbles can be sold on by many different types of store or given away as loss leaders and free gifts
They are affordable enough for clubs, groups, schools and churches to buy for their attendees to have as a keepsake


It is a pity that you cannot buy bags of mixed text