YAMAZAKI Animal Card-Holder

Thinking of getting a gift that’s both practical and fun? One that can be used every day but has a unique look to it that spices up the room? YAMAZAKI’s Animal Card-Holder is the perfect thing! Both useful and creative, this card-holder is the business accessory everyone wants and needs. This animal card-holder was designed in Japan by YAMAZAKI, a homeware design company that has been in the business for over 100 years. They are dedicated to creating products which are both useful and fun. This animal card-holder is no exception. It measures 1.9 x 3 x 1.3 in. and holds up to 12 cards. It’s fabulous for work or the house and is small enough to fit on a desk or countertop without taking up any room at all!

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Detailed information about YAMAZAKI Animal Card-Holder

The card-holder is designed to look like an armadillo. The center is cut into 12 slits which allow you to put business cards, postcards, reminders and even letters inside. This way it’s easier to keep track of important information and a great way for drawing your attention to urgent memos. The card-holder is made from silicon so pieces of paper will slide through there easily without getting stuck, even if they are a little more on the bulky side. It’s also easy to clean if it gets dirty. It has a super adorable look and the bright colors make it a fantastic desk accessory! You can even put your own business cards in there for others to take!