Flasks For Liquor by Bottisia

Liquor flasks have always been a gift choice to most men, but none would beat this particular hip flask from Bottisia. This set boasts of excellent quality, elegant design and comes in one of the most stylish packages.

This 4 in 1 set contains a liquor flask that will suit every occasion. We can guarantee you that you will get a priceless reaction when you give this set to the intended recipient. This flask will make any drink, whether wine or whiskey. With this flask, drinks become much more luxurious and enjoyable.

The set of 4 contains a rose gold coated plated liquor flask, a genuine leather sleeve, a travel velvet pouch, and a buffed funnel.

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Detailed information about Flasks For Liquor by Bottisia

The flask has a maximum capacity of 3Oz and its 100% leak proof. Quality is not compromised. The liquor flask is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, a premium quality material meant to ensure the safety of the drink inside. This hip flask is the best companion to enjoy life including outdoor activities such as sports, parties, hunting trips, fishing, camping, and many others.

The next most attractive thing about this set is the way its packaged. It comes in a stunning luxurious gift box that is pleasant to look at and richly satisfying to present and open.


Comes in a luxurious gift box wrapped with a colored ribbon and a decorated gift wrapper

The rose gold plated hip flask is classy, trendy and elegant

The flask has a 5-year warranty