Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

On the outside, it looks like any normal regular college-ruled notebook. What’s on the inside though is the special part. Rocketbook comes with a specially made pencil, that only works for the Rocketbook. When you open it up, you will find that on every page there is a  QR code that you can scan. You may wonder why a notebook would have a QR code, but the reason for that is whenever you are done writing, simply scan the QR code right from the app, and then boom! All your notes from that very page are instantly transferred right into the cloud; whether that be Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Google Docs, or even your email!

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Detailed information about Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Now you can instantly access your notes from literally anywhere, even if you do not have the physical notebook! But wait, it gets better, a whole lot better. When you happen to fill up all the pages in the Rocketbook, simply place your Rocketbook into the Microwave for about as long as you need until all the ink disappears and then you have a new notebook which you can now reuse! And yes, we’re not kidding, you can place it in the microwave!