Geocero Classic 3 Dimensional Pin Art Board Toy for Sculptures

Many years ago there used to be a popular handmade toy consisting of an array of thin metal pins embedded into a thin fiberboard backing. If the pins were laid upon an object and pressed down, an impression of the object was transferred to the metal pins.

It was a great toy that never failed to provide many hours of fun for kids who only had handmade toys to play with. When you wanted to change the impression, all you did was to push the nails onto a hard flat surface such as a concrete floor for all the pins to line up again.

The Classic 3 Dimensional Pin Art Board Toy for Sculptures from Geocero is an updated version of that fun toy of long ago.

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Detailed information about Geocero Classic 3 Dimensional Pin Art Board Toy for Sculptures

Just like that old handmade toy, it consists of an array of pins pushed through a board. There the similarity ends. It is made using modern plastics and acrylics in a range of bright exciting colors: blue, green, pink, red, sky blue, and yellow.

The molded pins have a clear acrylic cover to protect the sculpted shape from disturbance until the 3D sculpture needs to be erased. Whereas the handmade version used small nails as the pins, these pins are blunt at both ends.

This allows any surface to be modeled without fear of damage. The user can sculpt their hands, face, feet or in fact any everyday object that they can think of.

It is fun for both kids and adults who will just love coming up with different sculpture ideas. If the finished effect isn’t what they really wanted, all they do is flatten out the profile and try again with a different shape.

However, if the sculpture looks really good they can put their artwork on display on a shelf or table or even hang it on a wall.


This is a modern version of an age-old hand made game

Made from sturdy plastic and brightly colored metal pins

Comes in a choice of six bright colors

Great educational art toy for all the family