Blue Sadie Premium Headphones with Built-in Amp

These days, people probably listen to their music more via laptop or mobile device than using a sound system. Unless you are at home and sitting in your favorite chair in one position, using fixed speakers is just not practical.

With the increased capabilities of digital devices such as a phone or tablet or the larger devices like a laptop or notebook, listening to music ‘on the go’ and in your personal space is becoming more and more attractive.

We all do it, so it makes sense for the listener to have a good pair of headphones that will do justice to their favorite music. If your music is important to you, it is just as important for the device to sound exactly like a custom hi-fi system.

Most headphones and earbuds provide a ‘tinny’ version of your music that is just about acceptable but lacks the base notes that give the music its depth.

This is where the Sadie Premium Headphones come into their own. Made by Blue, they have a built-in audiophile amplifier to provide real hi-fi sound from any device, no matter how small.

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Detailed information about Blue Sadie Premium Headphones with Built-in Amp

The Sadie headphones are built to fit over the listener’s head and ears in superb comfort and immersive isolation.

Sadie has a built-in rechargeable battery (charged via a USB connector) that powers on and off automatically when the headphones are opened or closed.

There are three different settings on the control switch that select the output of the fully analog amplifier modes:

Off. Self-explanatory position. This is where the internal amp is turned off. You can still use the headphones however if they are connected to an external amp.

On. Also self-explanatory! This mode will allow the listener to hear the music as it is, adding no color to the sound at all.

On+. Using this setting the amp increases the level of frequency at 63Hz, allowing low-end character, vinyl mastered music to be restored. This is not a digital trick, the amp is completely analog.


Top specification headphones delivering music through its own built-in, analog amplifier

USB charged battery giving up to 12 hours use

Completely encloses the ears for comfort and immersive isolation