ORE International 2029 Home Décor Table Lamp

This is one table lamp that will look great not only in an Asian type décor but also in a contemporary setting as well as a minimalist setting. The sleek design with a limited color palette allows this lamp to fit in seamlessly in a multitude of settings.

This starkly stunning light from ORE International is quite a chameleon.

With its streamlined style, simplistic coloration, and strong bold lines, this light fixture is as perfectly at home in a room that is more industrial or minimalist as it is in a room with a decorative touch of the far east.

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Detailed information about ORE International 2029 Home Décor Table Lamp

The materials used to produce this fine light are again, simplicity at its finest; linen and metal. The frame of the lamp is made of bold black steel bars that are paired with lovely and natural ecru linen.

This light is fashioned in a soft cylindrical shape, showing a juxtaposition of hard and rigid in the black steel combined with the softness of the circle and zen natural feeling of the ecru linen.

Such a simple shape and color mix with such a beautiful result. The light stands 24 inches tall and has a diameter of 8.5 inches, making it the ideal size for a bedroom side table or for use as a home desk lamp.


Perfect for use as a table lamp or a desk lamp

Neutral color palette works with just about any room style

Uses one 150-watt lightbulb (not included)