The Kentucky Bourbon Experience: A Visual Tour of Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries 

Whiskey lovers know a great deal about their favorite drink. They are the most interesting bunch among whiskey drinkers.

According to them, if you make whiskey your poison of choice, then you must strive to know as much as possible about your drink. You should be in a position to defend your brand, and the very least, be able to effectively brag about it.

No liquor has the ability to bring out arguments and “expert opinions” more than whiskey. They don’t need to pretend to know about their drink. This bunch is quite knowledgeable.

They will tell you about distillation, the barrels, aging, pairing and so much more. They might be laid back, but whiskey lovers are truly passionate when it comes to their spirit of choice.

Now, if you have a whiskey drinker in your life who enjoys his glass of whiskey while catching up on one of their favorite show like “Sons of Anarchy” (we know they love these kinds of shows), then there is no doubt that they will be thrilled to receive this coffee table book titled “The Kentucky Bourbon Experience” by Leone Howlett.

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Detailed information about The Kentucky Bourbon Experience: A Visual Tour of Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries 

Did we mention that whiskey lovers truly love to talk about their liquor? Now imagine an entire book full of beautiful images representing each distillery, capturing exterior views, milling stages, and bottling.

All these wonderful pictures come accompanied by a brief history of each distillery and give an overview of the products.

Any whiskey aficionado is worthy their salt will truly find this book interesting and worthy point of reference.

Kentucky bourbon, which came into existence in the 18th century has to be the greatest contribution to mankind and the whiskey drinker's population.


Leone Howlett is a professional photographer who has appeared in numerous national publications

An excellent coffee table book with eye-catching photography

Gives a tour of Kentucky's bourbon distillers with a brief history of each