The Wine Savant Charging Bull Liquor Decanter

Ever had difficulties displaying your liquor? Ever wanted a flashy, classy, but practical way to display your favorite drink?

Well, grab the bull by the horns and make a point with your favorite spirits by showing it off it in The Wine Savant’s decanter.

This decanter is designed to hold bourbon, whiskey, scotch, rum, tequila, or just about any liquor your heart desires.

Thisgift for whiskey lovers looks amazingly mighty and powerful with its intricately made charging bull design.

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Detailed information about The Wine Savant Charging Bull Liquor Decanter

The decanter is quite large. It holds up to 1000 mL or almost 34 fluid ounces of your favorite whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or whatever liqueur is your favorite. That’s up to 50% larger than other similar decanters.

Don’t be hindered by those tiny 650 mL decanters; get it for its functionality and dazzling appearance. Truly, this product has the strength of a bull behind it.

It's relatively cheap especially compared to other decanters of similar size.


Elegant, handcrafted design in the image of a charging Spanish bull with its colored trims and stamping legs

Large size at 1000 mL (almost 34 fluid ounces); up to 50% larger than other decanters

Made of borosilicate glass, a stronger and thicker type of glass