Cuteforyou Animal Shaped Succulent Pot

When it comes to home decoration, plants are the go-to accessory for making any house look warm and bright. But the pots they live in are equally important to making any house look good. The most popular plants today are succulents which come in all shapes and sizes and are extremely easy to care for. They require little water and care for something that looks so gorgeous which is part of what makes them so popular. This Animal Shaped Succulent Pot is a fabulous accessory for a succulent and makes the perfect gift for any plant or succulent enthusiast!

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Detailed information about Cuteforyou Animal Shaped Succulent Pot

The pot is made from resin and shaped to look like a cute corgi dog. The succulent is then placed in a small hole on its back so it looks as if the corgi is carrying or wearing the beautiful plant. Another important feature is the small hole on the bottom of the vase which allows water to drain through and the plant to breath. This is crucial for the plant’s health and for avoiding any damage such as a root rot.