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The Beatles Black and White Shaped Tin Tote

For too many people in this world, it is quite hard to find someone who you really connect with on a personal level. Someone who understands you loves the things you do and just generally feel comfortable being yourself with.

Lucky you, you actually found that missing piece in your heart puzzle and understandably you are over the moon about it. In all likelihood, we are guessing you are reading this because your loved one is celebrating their birthday, or perhaps your anniversary is coming soon and you want to gift her something out of the ordinary.

You know your significant other so well – from their breakfast of choice to their favorite band, there really is no secret when it comes to the things that make them happy.

Speaking of their favorite band, instead of giving them the usually limited edition album, vinyl version or shirt adorned with it, why not give them something unexpected like this Beatles Tin Lunch Box by Vandor?

We are not surprised if The Beatles is your significant other’s favorite band, because many others love them too, and we are certain she will be turning heads as soon as she walks out the door with this cool tin tote in her hand.

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Detailed information about The Beatles Black and White Shaped Tin Tote

This Beatles tin box tote is not shaped like the usual lunchbox but is shaped like a drum complete with foot pedals at the bottom, paying homage to the iconic bass drum adorning the Beatles logo in most of their performances.

The round lunch box features a collapsible plastic handle and a metal closure that latches so you can be certain your essentials will not spill out of the bag.


Unique and quirky

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