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TechPlay Retro Design Stereo CD and AM FM Radio with Bluetooth

Here is a bit of retro fun in the form of an antique radio right out of the 1950s – or is it?

Nope, this item may look like an oldie but a goodie – right down to the turquoise color with chrome trim, but it is as high-tech as they come.

This 1950s-inspired throwback is sure to be a huge hit at any party it is brought to.

This item has an easily recognizable look coming straight out of the 1950s, but it certainly outperforms anything from that era’s hands down.

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Detailed information about TechPlay Retro Design Stereo CD and AM FM Radio with Bluetooth

To be fair, the 50s didn’t have wireless capability or Bluetooth, or even CDs for that matter, but what they did have in spades is a great look and this product copies it to the letter.

This nostalgic throwback radio even has the color down just right with the turquoise and chrome color scheme.

They even added an authentic rabbit ear antenna rather than the modern string-type antennae that are seen nowadays.

If someone didn’t know what this was, at first glance it would surely pass for the real thing.


CD player, AM/FM radio and wireless Bluetooth reception with USB port and a headphone jack

Radio has rotary tuning knob just like they did back in the day

Works with all wireless and Bluetooth devices like a smartphone

Works off of 12V DC and has a wireless remote