Hey Jude – 11×17 Framed Soundwave Print

It might be 50 years since the hit song “Hey Jude” was released, but it remains epic. This song is arguably one of the Beatles’ greatest song of all time and still sends ripples to crowds when it is played.

It is a crowd pleaser, and no matter how old you are, when it hits your ears, you will find yourself chanting along “Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah…”

Paul McCartney might not have anticipated the kind of effect Hey Jude will have on people decades later. It has been sung everywhere ever since in football terraces, musical concerts, Oxford colleges and so on.

This song gives nearly everyone goosebumps. It’s singable and yellable. The repetition makes it so flexible such that you can all slot in any pair of syllables into those nahh…nahs gaps to suit the occasion and perhaps charge the crowd even further.

It’s no wonder that this hit single of all times has attracted millions of fans over the decades. You must be knowing someone who is not only crazy about this particular song but is a diehard fan of The Beatles’.

If so, then you have to order for a fan or music lover in your life The Beatles inspired Soundwave Print and present it to them as a gift.

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Detailed information about Hey Jude – 11×17 Framed Soundwave Print

Being one The Beatles’ biggest hit single, “Hey Jude” has turned out to be one of the most studied songs. Fans have over the years learned how the song flows, and its beauty is well captured in this print.

It measures approximately 11”x 17” and comes framed ready to hang. It features custom black wood frame fitted with museum glass which filters UV rays and eliminates reflection with better clarity than regular glass.


Designed using innovative technology

The frame is ready to hang