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Crosley AC1021A Groove Goo Vinyl Record Cleaner

Vinyl records have finally made a comeback and if you have a collection (or are looking to start one) having this cleaner is a must to keep your records in good condition and dust free! It is so easy to scratch records that can ruin their sound, but this cleaner ensures you safely and effectively clean your records so that they stay in great shape and sound even better!

Specs: This Groove Goo is just as the name suggests, a glob of goo that you can easily rub over your records to remove any dust or dirt from your vinyl records. All you have to do is rub the goo in the direction of the grooves of the album in order to clean it. The goo won’t scratch your records. With a fresh scent, this goo will clean up old records or keep your newer records feeling just as fresh and clean and ready for use!

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for anyone with a record collection. After all, records aren’t mean to just be displayed – they are meant to be played! Keeping them in good condition is incredibly important, and any music enthusiast will appreciate this nifty cleaner that will keep their albums clean and scratch free. This is also a great gift for someone who is new to the world of records – make sure they don’t ruin any of their new records, get them this cleaner so that they can safely keep all their records in pristine condition!

What we like: We like how simple, yet effective this cleaner is and we appreciate their commitment to safely cleaning records. We also like the fresh scent and think that is a nice touch, some cleaners have a strong unpleasant smell, but not this!

What we don’t like: We do worry that if you have a large collection of records, especially old vinyl, that this one cleaner will not be able to clean everything. There might get to be some dust buildup on the goo that will make the cleaner less effective over time.

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Super effective

Smells nice


Once the dust settles on it, it looses effectiveness