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Bud Light Bluetooth Can Speaker – Wireless and Portable

This Bluetooth beer can speaker is just the thing for a backyard barbeque party, tailgating at the big game, or a fun day at the beach, as long as no one tries to pick it up and drink it that is!

This unique and clever speaker is fashioned after a Bud Light beer can and it will quickly become a must-have for beer lovers everywhere.

The quirky speaker is a high-performance Bluetooth compatible speaker that is both wireless and portable.

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Detailed information about Bud Light Bluetooth Can Speaker – Wireless and Portable

It will work with all of the usual Bluetooth capable modern toys such as iPhones and android type smartphones, but better yet, it will also work with cell phones that are not smartphones in that it can itself be used as an MP3 player with devices that are not Bluetooth compatible.

This universal speaker is perfect for the party on the go. The speaker can measures 4.5 inches in height and 2.5 inches in diameter and has volume as well as bass control.

It is charged via a USB port on the bottom of the can. Just plug into a PC or wall charger and keep the party going. The unique design is that of a very familiar Bud Light beer can.

It is lightweight, wireless, cordless, and has a fully functional high-performance sound, making it the perfect speaker for bringing big fun to the party in a small package.


Wireless and portable, perfect for year-round outdoor activities

Bluetooth compatible and can function as an MP3 player for non-Bluetooth capable devices

High-quality sound with adjustable bass and volume