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Glass Violin Decanter with Mahogany Base

This lovely decanter in the shape of a crystal violin would make any musician thrilled beyond words. It is not only functional, but it is truly a thing of beauty.

The attention to detail on this stunning crystal violin decanter is nothing short of amazing.

From the F-holes to the strings, from the bridge to the scroll and tuning pegs, it is all here, almost ready to play!

The level of craftsmanship is simply exquisite. Anyone who is a music lover is going to go crazy for it!

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Detailed information about Glass Violin Decanter with Mahogany Base

The large size means it will hold up to 1000 ml of wine, whiskey, vodka, or a favorite liquor.

The decanter is made of elegant crystal that captures all of the detail that makes up the body of a violin.

In addition to the incredible level of detail in the design of the glass itself, there is also beautifully rendered scrolls of gold leaf accents to add just a little bit more panache to this already gorgeous crystal violin decanter.

This musician item is filled by simply removing the scroll end of the instrument with the tuning pegs and pouring the beverage or liquor of choice down the neck and into the body of the violin.


Holds 1000 Ml of a favorite liquor or wine

Made out of beautiful clear crystal with gold accents

Comes with a sturdy and handsome mahogany base for holding the violin