Rock Covers

Even though it’s been preached that we should not judge a book by its cover, people will still unapologetically judge a book by its cover!

It’s normal human behavior, and it’s not changing anytime soon. Same goes for music albums.

Seeing is actually part of the hearing, and cover album art tends to create an interest and a little magic. It paints a vivid picture that goes with the music it represents.

Don’t be mistaken to think that the current world of digital music has somehow placed traditional music covers on its last days. Album covers still remain as important as ever.

If you are to walk into a music store and get a few music records, you are more likely to pull out those that are familiar to you and the ones that are appealing because artwork carries the day and defines how people interact with that particular music album.

The two authors Robbie Busch and Jonathan Kirby with Julius Wildermann as the editor, came up with this compilation titled Rock Covers.

Perfect gift for a music lover in your life!

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Detailed information about Rock Covers

The relevance of album covers must have been defined by The Beatles back in 1960" with the band's album art cover Rubber Soul that featured their faces and then following year, their album Revolver featured a drawing of the band.

Since then, album art cover became one of the most important things in the music industry and influenced how well the music sold. The art remained part of a cherished memory of greatest albums back then.

This is a comprehensive compilation consisting of more than 750 remarkable music album covers of all time. From debuted albums, legendary to rare releases, this catalog will take you down the memory lane.


A compilation of more than 750 album covers of all time

Includes a sheet listing album information and other short descriptions

Available in hardcover

Great musical memory with decades of great records