Traveler – Chris Stapleton

Singing about whiskey has perhaps been the most popular subject in country music. It’s the genres’ favorite drink, and there is no argument about that.

It’s the major theme in this music. It’s not surprising that there are lots of excellent country songs inspired by whiskey.

The cowboys definitely love this choice of drink. They mosey up to local bars and enjoy a shot (or several) as they make merry and raise hell or get loud in their honkey tonk.

There is no doubt that whiskey lovers enjoy this genre of music and will savor their favorite spirit in an establishment that plays country music.

From Jack Daniels to Odes, to love ballads that saw old boys and girls swaying and dancing in bars, country music truly goes way back. It’s here to stay, and you can’t separate it from whiskey lovers.

George Jones and Merle Haggard were perhaps the first to sing one of the first greatest country song about whiskey “C.C. Waterback.”

We can only deduce that they meant business when they did this song. There are country songs that either praise the drink, lament about or just sing about it.

We can’t talk about country music and its long-standing relationship with booze without mentioning Chris Stapleton! Perfect gift idea for husbands or loved ones!

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Detailed information about Traveler – Chris Stapleton

He appears thick-bearded and old-school. But make no mistake: he is soul singer with a naturally creaky voice, so soothing it he can turn anyone into a cowboy.

Chris is a country music star and his album, Traveler, is a mix of themes. Of course, there are lots of references to hard liquor and rural landscapes.

He delivers his songs remarkably without showiness. He moderates his rawness by incorporating a sense of soul phrasing like a seasoned balladeer.


The album contains over 150 country songs by Chris Stapleton

Available in different formats

A great gift for country music fans and whiskey lovers