LEGO Art The Beatles Collectible Building Kit

Puzzles have come a long way and are now cooler than ever, especially when you have something like this LEGO art puzzle that you can create in 4 different ways! Not only can you use this one puzzle to create 4 different final images, but the final creation is also an awesome Beatles piece of art that would look great framed as artwork! Plenty of hours of entertainment and fun with numerous cool art pieces to come from it – what could be better than that?

Specs: This LEGO puzzle is a total of 2,933 pieces that can be put together in 4 different ways! Each final result is a different portrait of a member of The Beatles. This set also comes with 9 canvas wall decor plates, a signature tile that says ‘The Beatles,’ a LEGO frame, and a piece separator! The finished product is a square image that measures 15.5 inches on each side.

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for anyone who is a Beatles fan since you end up with such a cool piece of Beatles-themed items when the puzzle is all put together. Perfect for anyone who loves building things and relies on things like puzzles or LEGOs or other building blocks to relax on the weekend or after a long day of work.

What we like: We like that this art can be built in 4 different ways. You can build the portrait you like the most, or know that you will have 4 different builds that you can work on from one set! There is a lot of value from one set here and we like that there is an official collaboration with the Beatles so that you can have nice elements like the Beatles tile to add to the artwork.

What we don’t like: The only thing not to like here is the price, it is a bit expensive for one set, but considering you end up with a cool piece of artwork and can build one set four ways, it can help justify the cost.


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2,933 pieces

Includes canvas and wall decor plates

Can be built in 4 different ways to create the image of one of the Beatles