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Ankzon Coasters – Retro Album Drink Coasters

There is something so awesome about an item that is both cool and practical – and that is exactly what you get with these retro album drink coasters! Not only will these coasters serve their purpose to protect tables from water stains, they are also incredibly cool decorative pieces that are totally unique. Perfect for parties, these coasters are sure to save the day and spark some fun conversation!

Specs: Included are 6 coasters that are each about 4.2 inches, a standard size for a coaster. The bottom has a non-slip rubber disc that will keep these coasters in place when you set them down. Use these coasters with both hot or cold drinks! Each has a different “label” that features a unique design and color. Each coaster has a funny saying that has to do with coasters like “rest on me” “protect the surface” or “tea time (don’t spill this).”

Why it’s a great gift: This is such a fun gift to give to anyone who loves music and loves entertaining. These coasters will make a great addition to their decor, while also being just as practical as any other basic coaster! You don’t necessarily think coasters would make a great gift, but seeing how unique and fun these are, they absolutely do and we think they would make a great gift for a family member, friend, or coworker.

What we like: We like how well designed these coasters are. Not only do they look exactly like album records, they are also great at doing what they are supposed to – holding drinks! These aren’t the type of coasters that need to just be on display, they will actually do a great job holding hot and cold drinks.

What we don’t like: The only minor problem you may run into occasionally is that the tiny hole in the center (which gives the coaster its album look) can potentially let some liquid though. This would only be a problem with super cold drinks that “sweat” a lot but is something to keep in mind.

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Well designed

Non-slip rubber disc

Each coaster has a funny saying


Hole in the center can let liquids through