Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Ceramic Coffee Mug Set

Finally, the purrrfect coffee cup for every animal lover on the shopping list no matter what the occasion. This adorable set is going to make some cat lover very happy!

This sweet set of kitty mugs from Koolkatkoo is just the right gift for that person who loves all things feline or really for any animal lover in general.

There are two heavy duty ceramic mugs included in this set, one black cat mug with white whiskers and glazed white inside, and the other a white cat cup with black whiskers.

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Detailed information about Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Ceramic Coffee Mug Set

There are also some pretty darned cute little ears on the top rim of the mug which help to round out the kitty face perfectly and complete the kitty cat theme.

This set of ceramic kitty mugs are durable and are safe for use in the microwave oven. They are made to hold up to the rigors of daily use without a problem.

These cups are also dishwasher safe with no handwashing required, again tailor-made for today’s busy lifestyles.

Each of these cute cat cups holds a generous 12 ounces of a favorite beverage such as coffee, tea or even hot cocoa. The handle is large, sturdy, and comfortable to grab and hold on to.


Set of two cute kitty cups, one black and one white with contrasting whiskers and a matching baby kitty inside

Made from high quality ceramic for durability

Perfectly safe to use in the microwave and in the dishwasher