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E.M.T. Emergency Meal Transport

If having lunch items stolen is a problem, then this bag is the answer. It is fairly certain that a lunch placed in this gruesome tote will be left alone in the office breakroom. It is not too likely that anyone would be willing to open it to see what goodies lie inside!

This lunch bag will definitely get a laugh or two in the breakroom and should be good for some chuckles around the watercooler. It’s the perfect quirky gift of the season!

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Detailed information about E.M.T. Emergency Meal Transport

Just imagine the looks on coworkers faces when someone walks into work with this bag in their hand.

And who in their right mind would open up a quirky lunch tote with the words “Human Organ For Transplant” written in red on the front as well as a red EMT tag (nobody needs to tell them that the E.M.T. stands for Emergency Meal Transport!)



With a waterproof interior with mesh pocket inside for additional storage

Foam insulated to keep food and beverages cold and fresh tasting

“Organ Donor” identification tag for safekeeping