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Beats Pill+ Portable Wireless Speaker

Having music with you everywhere you go used to be difficult, but not anymore! The party goes wherever you go with this Beats Pill+ portable speaker! Great sound in a small speaker, this is perfect for parties – whether that is at your house, in the backyard, at the beach, or anywhere else life takes you. Connect via Bluetooth and enjoy great music for up to 12 hours. There are so many great features packed into one tiny speaker, this is a gamechanger for taking your music on the go!

Specs: This Pill+ speaker is paired via Bluetooth with nearly any iOS or Android device. It comes in three classic colors – black, white, and red, and is only a little over 8 inches long! The battery will last you up to 12 hours on a single charge and the device is easily recharged via USB-A charging cable. This speaker allows multiple Bluetooth devices to control it at once, and you can even add a second speaker into the mix in order to amplify sound even more or to play the same music in multiple rooms in the house. Control your music directly from the speaker or from your paired device. You can even charge your phone from the speaker if you need to! The speaker on this device even allows you to receive and make calls – right from the speaker!

Why it’s a great gift: Everyone knows how great all Beats products are, so this Pill+ speaker is sure to instantly make anyone smile! This is a great gift for anyone who is always setting up the perfect music playlist for any occasion- whether that is a big party, an afternoon spent cooking and cleaning, or anything in between! From single person dance parties, to big gatherings, this speaker is the perfect addition and great to give as a gift.

What we like: We like how many features this speaker has and all the options available as well – including the ability to have multiple people control the speaker and the option of adding a second speaker to connect and amplify your sound. It also has a nice sleek, modern design and the buttons are easy to figure out. It’s also a nice touch that you can use the speaker to charge your phone if you need to.

What we don’t like: While the sound quality is great on this speaker, there is a chance if you have a large party or are in a really big space that the sound won’t be enough for what you need, and in that case, you would really benefit from pairing with a second speaker.

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Receive and make calls


Android and IOS compatible

12 hour battery

Can be paired with another speaker


Not for large parties  unless you pair it with a second speaker