Golden Girls Windshield Sun Shade Visor Car Accessory

Everyone who passes by a car that is sporting this fun and quirky gift, featuring none other than the famous Golden Girls, look twice or maybe even three times.

This true to life picture of of the one and only “Golden Girls” is sure to be a big hit in the park and ride car lot. Imagine everyone’s favorite geriatric comedy troop sitting in full color and visible from the front window of the car.

When placed in the front window of a car this windshield visor will help to reflect the intense rays of the sun, keeping the inside temperature of the car cooler than what it would otherwise be.

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Detailed information about Golden Girls Windshield Sun Shade Visor Car Accessory

The suns rays can not only heat the inside of the car up to temperatures that are intolerable, but they will also bake the leather or vinyl in the car seats and given time enough heat and direct sun can bake the dashboard material, making it friable and susceptible to breakage.

This fun visor measures 57 inches long by 28 inches wide and is made to fit well in just about any car or truck, protecting it from those damaging rays.

The material from which this visor is constructed is a dense reflective sandwich of protective vinyl that will simply bounce the harsh sunlight away from the car, keeping the inside cooler and protecting the interior fabrics and materials from repetitive sun damage.


Constructed of material that is compacted thermal reflective vinyl for maximum protection

Large enough to fit just about any car or truck windshield

Helps to regular the temperature of the car when it is sitting in the hot sun