CarLashes in Classic Black

We have all seen them, the super cute eyelashes that are made for a car, but most people have no idea where to purchase them. Well, here they are in all their glory…CarLashes for the masses.

These days there is so much anger and road rage going on that it is difficult to enjoy the drive anymore.

What if there were a quirky gift accessory that was guaranteed to put the joy back in going for a Sunday drive?

These CarLashes are just the thing to put a smile on even the most aggressive driver’s face.

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Detailed information about CarLashes in Classic Black

No matter how seriously someone takes themselves and their road skills, these luscious CarLashes dare anyone not to smile when they see an auto sporting them rolling down the road or tooling on the turnpike.

These have been featured in Vogue as well as Marie Claire magazines and they have been a big hit with celebrities like Rachel Ray and Jay Leno.

The flexible rubber lashes adhere to the vehicle with the use of black automotive trim tape for maximum adhesion.

This tape is double-sided, with one side attaching to the lashes and the other to the trim on the vehicle.

As stated, they are made of durable rubber and as such, they will stand up to the elements such as wind, ice, snow, and rain without any issue at all.


Created and patented by Robert Small, these beauties are the real deal

Fits all cars and trucks universally

Made from durable rubber and attaches with automotive trim double-sided tape