EING Portable Blingy Car Cigarette Ashtray with LED Light Indicator

More and more cars are being made without ashtrays, making it inconvenient for those who would like to have a cigarette now and then. This attractive and portable ashtray from EING give smokers an option when traveling or lounging by the pool.

This blingy ashtray is a portable answer to the age-old question of what to do with a cigarette butt when it is time to put it out. Throwing it out of the car window is a highly unsafe practice, harming wildlife and possibly starting a forest fire.

When visiting a friend it wouldn’t be recommended to crush a cigarette out on the ground and just leave it there. It is fairly certain that a repeat invitation would not be offered.

So, what is a smoker to do? Well, this ashtray from EING is quite possibly the most attractive answer to this question out there.

A perfect quirky gift for the smoker in your life.

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Detailed information about EING Portable Blingy Car Cigarette Ashtray with LED Light Indicator

This portable quirky ashtray is decorated with brilliant crystals on the lid and around the top, making it beautiful as well as functional.

The hinged top opens to reveal a place to flick ashes and ultimately to crush out and dispose of the cigarette when it is finished.

In addition, when the top is opened the cup lights up with a blue LED light so that the opening is visible even in dim lighting so that there are no accidents when putting out the cigarette.

This cup is designed to keep the smoke inside of the receptacle, ensuring that it doesn’t bother the people in the car or in the immediate area. This keeps the air around you and in the car clean!


The smokeless design keeps the offensive smoke from bothering others

Blue LED light allows the person using it to see the receptacle in limited light

Fits in any vehicular cupholder snuggly and securely