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Silver Lilly Unisex Panda Adult Pajamas

What’s a fun and ridiculous gift that you can get that someone will actually love? This Unisex Panda Adult Pajama by Silver Lilly. It’ll seem like a cheesy gift at first, but once they put it on they won’t want to take it off!

This onesie pajama is made from 100% polyester and buttons up at the front. It also has a hood that has the face and ears of a Panda. When the pajama is put on completely it looks like you’re a Panda! There’s even a little panda tail at the back to make the look complete. It’s super adorable and fun to wear, not to mention very comfortable.

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Detailed information about Silver Lilly Unisex Panda Adult Pajamas

The pajama is very loose fitting and the polyester allows for more flexibility of movement so you can have move around in any way you want without having to think about ripping the material. For even more convenience there’s two front pockets which allow you to carry keys, a wallet or anything small so that you can even go outside in this silly pajama! And when it’s dirty from wearing it all the time, it can easily be hand washed and laid out to dry.