Pig Cooking Lid in White

Cooking in the microwave oven is so handy, we wonder how we ever managed without the technology. One of the biggest problems with microwave cookery, however, is when food explodes due to a build-up of steam.

Many people use plastic wrapping film to cover the bowls and plates inside a microwave and pierce a couple of holes for the steam to escape. This works great but plastic wrapping film is definitely a single-use plastic which is frowned upon more and more by environmentalists and the general public.

The ideal substitute would be a heatproof, microwave oven proof and dishwasher safe cover that molds to the food or bowl and allows the steam to escape, and that can be used over and over again.

The Pig Cooking Lid from Marnia Inc is the perfect item to solve the microwave exploding food problem. It is a silicon rubber disk that has a molded pig’s face in the center complete with two ‘nostril’ holes for steam to vent through.

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Detailed information about Pig Cooking Lid in White

The venting ‘snout’ allows the food to be steamed gently rather than be boiled away to mush. Perfect for cooking vegetables. Another of its jobs is to help with unscrewing jar and bottle lids.

The supplier recommends that the user washes with mild detergent after use although the silicon itself is dishwasher safe.

Certain ingredients (such as tomato sauce) will stain the silicon if washed in the dishwasher however food color stain will not affect the cleanliness and it is perfectly hygienic to use again.


Made from food grade silicon rubber

Heatproof, dishwasher safe and microwave proof

Easy to use for steaming and for microwave heating