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Cat Spoon!

Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t the largest or the most expensive. Sometimes it is the understated offering that makes the biggest impact, and for the cat lover, this sweet little spoon will do just that.

For the person who loves their morning coffee almost as much as they love their cat, this adorable, as well as practical present, would be a welcome addition to their morning routine.

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Detailed information about Cat Spoon!

This spoon has easy to read lettering with “All I need is my Coffee and My CAT” printed on the bowl of the spoon, and just for fun the words “My CAT” are sweetly framed by two sets of kitty whiskers.

Any cat lover on the planet would love to have their morning coffee or tea stirred with this cute spoon and starting their day off thinking about their special fur baby only makes this gift better.

Any feline fanatic would probably think that this is one of the best presents they have ever received.


Bright metal teaspoon is seven inches long

Printed message framed by adorable whiskers

Designed professionally and sure to bring a smile