Personalized Laser Engraved Wooden Mixing Spoon

This is a gift that should appeal to the chef who rules the kitchen in your home. Chefs have a reputation for being touchy and having tantrums when things don’t go as planned. They also like everything and everyone in the kitchen to bend to their iron will. If any of this strikes a memory chord somewhere, you should seriously consider buying this cool laser engraved wooden mixing spoon from Andaz Press.

On each 12” long wooden measuring spoon there is a laser engraved phrase and image designed to get the message across to the chef. There are forty three different sayings or phrases available and all of them are funny without being nasty or rude so the chef should enjoy the joke as well.


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Detailed information about Personalized Laser Engraved Wooden Mixing Spoon

Each spoon is made from solid beech wood that needs no maintenance except for the occasional treatment with vegetable oil or other food approved oil and a wash by hand when dirty. Never put wooden utensils in the automatic dishwasher.  This funny spoon gag will be perfect as a gift for the chef in your life for birthdays, anniversaries, as a housewarming gift, wedding shower or for Christmas. It would even be suitable for giving to your friend or partner as a gift to say “I love you, even though you are a pain in the kitchen”.

This is a gift that anyone who loves their kitchen will want to own. The different slogans and phrases available give the purchaser a chance to choose the message that suits their relationship with the chef.


This is a fun and useful gift that anyone can buy for the family member or friend who enjoys messing about in the kitchen

Made from beech wood and treated with food grade oil

There is a vast range of slogans and phrases the purchaser can choose from to make this a truly personalized gift