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Full Page Deluxe Cookbook Stand & Holder

The profession that is slowly but surely taking over the cooperate world is cooking. Every day we have new entrants in this industry, and its popularity is growing huge. To us “who don’t know how to cook,” it is not a bad omen. After all, we will be getting new and sumptuous food on our tables.

Before any chef begins to cook, they take a look on their inside and the outside environment. What’s on their inside is a passion that drives them to give out the best food for your fulfillment. In front of them, they have his/her ingredients, kitchen appliances.

The combination of the two results in a nice looking and sumptuous food. When you are done eating, you’ll live to remember the taste of the food cooked in a few minutes for years. Now that you have experience and knows what good food tastes like, it’s the time to gift your favorite chef.

The best gift for a chef is what holds the food-creator or a cookbook, you can say. The Deluxe Large cookbook holder is the best choice you should look for. This small wooden item contains what is used to create the delicacies in a better position.

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Detailed information about Full Page Deluxe Cookbook Stand & Holder

It is small but can hold any cookbook regardless of the size. It measures 19 by 3 by 3 inches and weighs only 3.6 pounds. This makes it sturdy even to handle a book larger than its size.

To prevent the book from getting splatter, it has been fitted with an acrylic shield. The recipe book will be cleaner for longer.


The large size is enough to prevent the cookbook from being blocked

Can fit any cookbook size because of its ability to expand

Does not have resistance when folding


The wood is not super smooth