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Prank Pack “Bathe & Brew”

When this gift is unwrapped the person doing the gifting will probably get the award for idiot of the year for not knowing that electricity and water just don’t mesh well. They will probably also be in the running for the worst (and most dangerous) gift ever award, that is until the person receiving this gag gift box figures out that they are being pranked.

Imagine the recipient’s face when they read this box and think that they are actually being given a shower-friendly coffee pot that lets them brew their favorite wake up brew while taking their morning shower. Be ready for some incredulous and disbelieving faces.

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Detailed information about Prank Pack “Bathe & Brew”

Talk about multitasking! How efficient is it to make your morning cup of joe while showering and getting ready for the day ahead. According to the print on this prank gift box, this unit will stand up to even the strongest dandruff shampoo and needs only a 120-volt outlet to (in the shower no less) to run it.

So whether the fact that this coffee maker also dispenses shampoo and conditioner, or that it displays the temperature of the shower as well as the temperature of the coffee, or that it produces one cup of coffee for every twelve gallons of shower water, eventually the person who is on the receiving end of this hilarious prank will put it together and figure out that they have been duped. The recipient will go from astonishment to disbelief and finally to gales of laughter when they open the box and find the real (and “normal”) gift inside.


Medium size EMPTY gift box that is ready for the real gift to be placed inside

Loads of laughs are guaranteed with every box

Funny graphics and print on all six sides of this gift box