Family Tree Wall Plaque

One of the ideas for getting an appropriate gift for a family is choosing a gift they will keep for a lifetime. And, this gift has to carry some weight to it regarding the message it passes across. On this note, a simple yet meaningful wall art piece would do the trick.

This wall plaque from Mountain Meadows Pottery is an ideal choice as a family gift. It will warm the recipient’s heart and treasure the gift for a lifetime. The wall plaque is a perfect gift for any family occasion or a simple surprise gift on a random day.

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Detailed information about Family Tree Wall Plaque

One of the things that stand out with this type of gifts is how they suit just any space and are a great size for every area. This plaque measures 4 inches by 6 inches and can spice up a dull wall in any room around the home.

It comes with a natural clay tone with dark blue lettering for contrast. This color combination matches almost everything without breaking on color palettes. Since this is naturally cured, the ceramic remains sturdy and does not crack with time. With the right care, the plaque can last a lifetime. It is of a good weight and comes with fitted jute to a hang.


Quality ceramic wall piece

Comes with a heartwarming message

Easy to hang for decorative purposes