Geeks & Nerds Gifts Ideas

Geeks and nerds: It may sound like you are insulting them, but true geeks and nerds embrace their love for all things science, sci-fi, and tech! While they do have a broad range of interests, it can feel impossible to shop for them. Thankfully, we are here to help! Even if you are a fellow geek or nerd, there is a lot of pressure to find the perfect, unique gifts for geeks and nerds that will actually impress someone who is incredibly intelligent and knows about what seems like everything. Stop feeling the pressure! Our gift guide will lead you to the perfect item in no time at all. Whether you are shopping for someone who loves gadgets and tech, Harry Potter and Doctor Who, or anything in between, you have come to the right place. Our team has curated this complete list of gifts that will make for a perfect birthday or holiday celebration.

10 Things to Consider When Searching for a Gift for Geeks & Nerds

Looking for a gift for the self-proclaimed geek in your life? Make sure you keep these 10 things in mind while you shop!

1. Know their interests

Just because someone is a self-proclaimed nerd doesn’t mean that they like every genre and every nerd related item, movie, or book series.

2. You don’t have to break the bank

Don’t feel like you have to get some very expensive tech item to make them happy, there are plenty of smaller gifts that will be equally intriguing.

3. Think unique

When it comes to geeks and nerds, they will love something different that makes them think. So- feel free to get as creative and unique as possible!

4. Themed items can work

If you are certain of their favorite tv or book series (say Doctor Who or Harry Potter), that is always a safe bet when buying a gift. A themed item based off the book or series will always be relevant and you know they will love it.

5. Consult with friends

Not as much of a geek yourself? Why not ask their friends who share their same interests what a good gift idea is. Their input can help you feel confident you’re getting a gift they will really love.

6. Presentation is key

Instead of just wrapping a gift like usual, why not think of a unique way to present the gift? Consider how gifts are presented in their favorite movie, for example. They might enjoy the presentation as much as the gift itself!

7. Humour always works

Self-proclaimed nerds love a good joke, so funny gifts are always an option. You can never go wrong with making someone laugh!

8. Don’t repeat a gift

The worst mistake you can make when buying a gift is to get the same gift twice. That is the easiest way to appear that you don’t care about the person, or their interests.

9. It’s the thought that counts

If you aren’t as nerdy as the person you are shopping for, that is okay. If you give them a gift that you find cool and that you think they will find interesting, they will love it.

10. Don’t limit your ideas

Don’t feel like you have to get a geek/nerd a super specific item, or that it has to be a book, movie, or gadget. Think outside the box!


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Most Likes Newest Highest to Lowest Lowest to Highest
Spectacles by Snapchat Like me! 63
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Zing Thumb Chucks Like me! 7
Check it out!
Harry Potter Necklace and Harry Potter Earrings Like me! 45
Check it out!
LED Word Clock Like me! 8
Check it out!
Magicfly Wooden Folding Rechargeable Book Light Like me! 6
Check it out!
Harry Potter Passport Holder Like me! 2
Check it out!
Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Flask Like me! 6
Check it out!
Phone Soap Like me! 4
Check it out!
The Oregon Trail Card Game Like me! 0
Check it out!
One Night Ultimate Werewolf Card Game Like me! 2
Check it out!
DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone with Wi-Fi Camera Like me! 6
Check it out!
Harry Potter Morphing Mugs Like me! 10
Check it out!
TOPHOME Headphone Cord Organizer Like me! 6
Check it out!
Haribo Gold-Bears Gummi Candy, 5-Pound Bag Like me! 7
Check it out!
Travel Thermos Camera Lens Coffee Mug Like me! 2
Check it out!
Glovion Nature Bamboo Wood Calculator Like me! 4
Check it out!
Universal USB Docking Station Like me! 3
Check it out!
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story DVD Like me! 0
Check it out!
Harry Potter Hardcover Set Ruled Journal Like me! 6
Check it out!
Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo Like me! 2
Check it out!
Magic Color Dinosaur Changing Coffee Mug Like me! 1
Check it out!
What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game Like me! 1
Check it out!
HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System Like me! 0
Check it out!
Nintendo Switch 32GB Console Like me! 0
Check it out!
Samsung Galaxy VR Headset Like me! 2
Check it out!
SwimWays Star Wars Millennium Falcon Float Like me! 0
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Makeblock mBot Kit – Build A Robot at Home! Like me! 0
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SMOKO Orochi Dragon Ambient Night Light Like me! 0
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Not So Boring Gifts for Geeks and Nerds

Have you got a close friend or family member who is a self-proclaimed nerd? Their love for all things science and technology is a big part of their life, but for people on the outside, it can make shopping for gifts for geeks incredibly difficult.

Even if you are a “geek” yourself, thinking of the perfect geek gifts that will actually interest this person can be stressful. The last thing you want to do is get them something boring, but it can be hard to know how to make that decision! Thankfully, we have done all the hard work for you by finding this collection of gifts that are sure to make any geek or nerd happy.

Instead, why not look through our list of gifts perfect for geeks and nerds and see what you might find? These gifts range from expensive tech gadgets to more affordable, quirky items that are sure to impress and make anyone laugh. No matter what your budget is, you can be sure to find something that will be perfect. We make sure to select a variety of items that match a variety of interests and budgets so that you have a large selection to choose from.

If you feel like you’ve run out of unique ideas and have wracked your brain trying to think of the perfect idea, worry no more! Even if you share a mutual love of the same things, finding a special gift can be quite the challenge. This doesn’t mean that you don’t care or aren’t interested in finding the perfect gift! In fact, by getting worried, you are proving how much you do care. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place and will soon find the perfect gift.

The Surprise Factor

What is this person’s main interest? Whether it is sci-fi, technology, space aged comics, or anything else, we have got you covered. Our list of nerd gifts will lead you to the perfect gift that will excite and interest whoever it is you are shopping for. Their look of excitement when you give them your gift will be priceless. It can be hard to surprise people who are so up to date on all things science and tech, but our unique gift ideas make it possible.

You might be thinking you will have to spend a fortune to buy a truly unique and interesting item that is fit for a geek or a nerd, but that isn’t true. There are plenty of nerdy and cool items out there that you can purchase without spending a lot of money, but that will make a big impact. Our list will help you find the perfect item, no matter what budget you have in mind.

A "Nerd Holiday" is Always Around the Corner...

Want to go super nerdy and join your friend? Why not surprise them with a gift on a typical “nerd holiday” such as March 14th (Pi Day!) or May 4th (Star Wars day!). Don’t feel like you have to wait for a person’s birthday or for the holidays to roll around to make their day. You have plenty of opportunities to join in with their hobbies and get them the perfect gifts for nerds to go along with it.

These self-proclaimed geeks and nerds can feel impossible to shop for, but we are here to make geek shopping easy, and even a little fun. Look through our list of the geekiest and nerdiest items out there and see what you find. We’re sure you’ll find something in no time that will impress even the geekiest of individuals out there!

Whether there is a birthday or holiday coming up, or it’s soon to be May 4th (May the fourth be with you!), there is no better time to start thinking and planning your perfect gift. Take a look through our list and see what you find- we are sure you’ll find the perfect gift in no time. What are you waiting for? Start looking today!

10 Practical Gifts for Geeks and Nerds

Do you have someone in your life that may fall into the category of geek or nerd? Well, if you do and you need a great gift idea, look no further! Here we have put together some of the best ideas of gifts for geeks and nerds so that you can come up with the best gift possible for the geek or nerd that you are shopping for.

1. Charging Wallet

Here is a neat, fairly new product that any geek or nerd can get great use out of. There are wallets, now, that work as portable power sources and can charge phones on the go. They have a hidden battery that has wires that come out of it to both charge the battery of the wallet as well as to charge your phone. Geeks and nerds are much more likely to be using their phone quite a bit, so having a great way to get some extra life out of their phone no matter where they are is something that they will really appreciate.

2. Virtual Reality Headset

There isn’t much geekier than virtual reality. What used to just be dreams of the future is now a reality and virtual reality headsets are now rather common products that can be worn on the face to cover the eyes with screens in a way that substitutes reality for whatever images that the headset shows you. These have tons of uses and can even be used to view the camera view from a drone. It is an exciting gift that will entertain the recipient for a long while.

3. Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are an innovative piece of technology that is able to charge your devices without plugging up to them. Instead of plugging a wire to your phone, you simply set it down on the wireless charger. When it makes contact with the charger, it will begin to charge your phone. This is something that any geek or nerd will truly appreciate and enjoy.

4. Video Game Chair

Most geeks and nerds are very into video games. Many of them would be completely happy to just play them all day long. A video game chair is designed perfectly to optimize comfort and convenience when playing video games. By gifting them this, you will be able to help them achieve video game play for longer periods of time in complete comfort. Many video game chairs even increase the quality of the overall video game experience with built-in speakers and/or video game controls.

5. Game Console

Since geeks and nerds tend to love video games so much, there probably isn’t much that you could get them that they would like or use more than a video game console. There are quite a few out there to choose from, so just be sure not to get them one that they don’t already have. That way they get something new that they can have brand-new fun with and play different games on. Every nerd or geek needs a great collection of video games and they will love that you helped them build it.

6. Comic Book

Another commonly shared interest among geeks and nerds is comic books. They tend to really love reading them and collecting them. It is something that they can really enjoy reading and cherish having in their collection forever. Comic books are definitely an absolutely wonderful gift for a geek or nerd.

7. Touchscreen Gloves

If you have ever tried to use a touch screen such as one on a smart phone while wearing gloves, you understand true frustration. You either have to take the gloves off or forgo the use of your phone for the duration of time that you wear the gloves. A geek or nerd is unlikely to want to go without their technology, but they don’t want to freeze their hands when its cold either. To combat this issue, touchscreen gloves were invented. They have special tips on the fingers that are similar to the end of a stylus. They allow the wearer to use their touchscreen while keeping their hands nice and warm. This is something that the geek or nerd in your life will surely love.

8. Gaming Headset

One more really wonderful video-game-related thing that you can get for a geek or nerd is a gaming headset. A gaming headset allows the user to hear the in-game sounds directly through their headset for an enhanced experience. It also allows the user to communicate with other gamers in live time while they play together in many different games. A quality headset is priceless to a geek or nerd, so you really can’t go wrong with this awesome gift.

9. Pocket Protector

This is a classic nerd and geek accessory that is highly practical. Pocket protectors do exactly what their name suggests. They go into a pocket and allow you to carry pens in your pocket without any concerns about the pens leaking and ruining your shirt. Since geeks and nerds tend to be likely to prefer keeping pens on them in case they need them, this is a great gift that they can use. Plus, they will likely love it simply because of the novelty of the pocket protector.

10. DVD Organizer

A DVD organizer is a very practical gift that a geek or nerd can get tons of great use out of. It is not at all unusual for geeks and nerds to have collections of things like movies and video games which both fit perfectly into a DVD organizer. It’s a great gift to help any geek or nerd to both organize and store their collection as well as proudly display it.