Geeks & Nerds Gifts Ideas

Geeks and nerds are probably the hardest type of people to choose a gift for. In all likelihood, they already have a collection of their favorite action figures and a library full of books and comics of their best-loved franchise. In order to help you out, we’ve dug deep in the geek universe and picked the best gifts for geeks and nerds we could find. After all, nothing says “live long and prosper” like a carefully selected gift.

10 Things to Consider When Searching for a Gift for Geeks & Nerds

Looking for a gift for the self-proclaimed geek in your life? Make sure you keep these 10 things in mind while you shop!

1. Know their interests

Just because someone is a self-proclaimed nerd doesn’t mean that they like every genre and every nerd related item, movie, or book series.

2. You don’t have to break the bank

Don’t feel like you have to get some very expensive tech item to make them happy, there are plenty of smaller gifts that will be equally intriguing.

3. Think unique

When it comes to geeks and nerds, they will love something different that makes them think. So- feel free to get as creative and unique as possible!

4. Themed items can work

If you are certain of their favorite tv or book series (say Doctor Who or Harry Potter), that is always a safe bet when buying a gift. A themed item based off the book or series will always be relevant and you know they will love it.

5. Consult with friends

Not as much of a geek yourself? Why not ask their friends who share their same interests what a good gift idea is. Their input can help you feel confident you’re getting a gift they will really love.

6. Presentation is key

Instead of just wrapping a gift like usual, why not think of a unique way to present the gift? Consider how gifts are presented in their favorite movie, for example. They might enjoy the presentation as much as the gift itself!

7. Humour always works

Self-proclaimed nerds love a good joke, so funny gifts are always an option. You can never go wrong with making someone laugh!

8. Don’t repeat a gift

The worst mistake you can make when buying a gift is to get the same gift twice. That is the easiest way to appear that you don’t care about the person, or their interests.

9. It’s the thought that counts

If you aren’t as nerdy as the person you are shopping for, that is okay. If you give them a gift that you find cool and that you think they will find interesting, they will love it.

10. Don’t limit your ideas

Don’t feel like you have to get a geek/nerd a super specific item, or that it has to be a book, movie, or gadget. Think outside the box!


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Not So Boring Gifts for Geeks and Nerds

Have you got a close friend or family member who is a self-proclaimed nerd? Their love for all things science and technology is a big part of their life, but for people on the outside, it can make shopping for gifts for geeks incredibly difficult.

Even if you are a “geek” yourself, thinking of the perfect geek gifts that will actually interest this person can be stressful. The last thing you want to do is get them something boring, but it can be hard to know how to make that decision! Thankfully, we have done all the hard work for you by finding this collection of gifts that are sure to make any geek or nerd happy.

The Surprise Factor

What is this person’s main interest? Whether it is sci-fi, technology, space aged comics, or anything else, we have got you covered. Our list of nerd gifts will lead you to the perfect gift that will excite and interest whoever it is you are shopping for. Their look of excitement when you give them your gift will be priceless. It can be hard to surprise people who are so up to date on all things science and tech, but our unique gift ideas make it possible.

You might be thinking you will have to spend a fortune to buy a truly unique and interesting item that is fit for a geek or a nerd, but that isn’t true. There are plenty of nerdy and cool items out there that you can purchase without spending a lot of money, but that will make a big impact. Our list will help you find the perfect item, no matter what budget you have in mind.

A "Nerd Holiday" is Always Around the Corner...

Want to go super nerdy and join your friend? Why not surprise them with a gift on a typical “nerd holiday” such as March 14th (Pi Day!) or May 4th (Star Wars day!). Don’t feel like you have to wait for a person’s birthday or for the holidays to roll around to make their day. You have plenty of opportunities to join in with their hobbies and get them the perfect gifts for nerds to go along with it.

These self-proclaimed geeks and nerds can feel impossible to shop for, but we are here to make geek shopping easy, and even a little fun. Look through our list of the geekiest and nerdiest items out there and see what you find. We’re sure you’ll find something in no time that will impress even the geekiest of individuals out there!