Neddy Games Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game

Who isn’t interested in internet conspiracy theories? They are everywhere and we all seem to enjoy recounting them to others and reading up on how aliens have taken over the US government or whether or not Elvis is still alive.

This new, intriguing board game by Neddy Games will test just how well-versed the average player is on conspiracy theories.

The game will definitely get a party started on a fun and maybe slightly paranoid note.

This captivating game is incredibly entertaining and there will undoubtedly be hours of good-natured fun while playing it.

Perfect geeks & nerds gift idea for any occasion!

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Detailed information about Neddy Games Conspiracy Theory Trivia Board Game

In today’s day and age, there isn’t a person among us who hasn’t fallen victim to or at least heard of a conspiracy theory. The internet is rife with them.

From Bigfoot cover-ups, to whether or not the United States is responsible for 9/11, and did a teenage Barrack Obama actually go to Mars?

Seriously, if there is a conspiracy to be had, it will be on the internet and it is in the game.

On each of the conspiracy cards, there is also a QR code that allows players to look up the conspiracy in question in order to get more information on it.

This QR code corresponds to a page that has all of the specifics on the theory along with links to other websites explaining the thought behind it.


The game is played with two types of cards; 25 Cover-Up cards and 250 Conspiracy cards

Can be played with 2 to 6 players ages 14 and older

Great for parties and casual get-togethers