Popfunk Star Trek ‘Live Long & Prosper’ T-Shirt

Every one of the characters in this series had their own catchphrases which started quite innocently but then as audience reaction showed their approval, were used more and more in subsequent episodes. Mr. Spock (The half Vulcan Science Officer) had one particular catchphrase that is still loved and recognized by Trekkies to this day. His immortal phrase “Live Long and Prosper” while giving the distinctive Vulcan finger salute is known and recognized throughout the world.

This tee from Popfunk displays the phrase and salute proudly on the chest of the shirt.

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Detailed information about Popfunk Star Trek ‘Live Long & Prosper’ T-Shirt

This tee shirt is made from 100% cotton and has the comfort and durability that we have come to expect from this versatile fabric. The shirt is preshrunk so the size you order is the size it will always be and they feature a double needle stitch collar, sleeve and waist hem. These are ideal for both men and women and are available in sizes ranging from SMALL up to 5X LARGE.

The designs are then created by the in-house graphic design team who draw the design by hand or by computer whichever shows them off to their best advantage.


100% cotton tee shirt

Shows Mr. Spock with his Vulcan finger salute saying his immortal catchphrase

Comes in a full range of sizes and in different colors