3D Optical Illusion Night Light – Star Trek USS Starship Enterprise

Have a Star Trek fan in your life? Don’t let them have a boring space with a dull looking lamp. Instead, light up their personal space with this 3D optical illusion night lamp by LED3D. This lamp is safe and efficient and will shine through brightly creating a 3D effect with a hologram-like illusion image. This will delightfully transform any room into well-lit space world, and it should be a must-have for any Star Trek enthusiast.

It’s super cool and looks absolutely beautiful when it lights up. This is one of the easiest night lamps to use and here is the reason why. No matter how long it stays lit, the lamp never gets hot which makes it absolutely safe for kids. Secondly, it’s super efficient. Even though it will shine brightly, it will consume little power which equates to low costs. The LED light lamp can operate for close to 10,000 hours without overheating or tripling the utility bills.

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Detailed information about 3D Optical Illusion Night Light – Star Trek USS Starship Enterprise

It's designed on a flat acrylic plate that creates the 3D effect of hologram image to fill up and light up dark space beautifully. In addition, the night lamp has 7 color settings inclusive of 2 modes. It gives one the freedom to change the color of the light into different hues including green, red, blue, cyan, yellow, purple and white.

The two modes include STEADY, for maintaining the current color mode or ALTERNATE for looping through the 7 available hues continuously. A simple touch on the lamp will change the color, and when it reaches the 8th time, it will loop automatically.


Easy to use

Color changing modes with slide variations of different characters

Different acrylic plates available which can be purchased separately

Energy efficient

100% safe even around kids

Never overheats