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Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Retro Inspired Keyboard – Wired and Wireless

Here is a fun item that brings back the look and feel of the good old days. This computer keyboard may look like an antique, but it is definitely made for today’s workload in mind.

The keys have been designed in Germany by the very finest engineers, and they have even found a way to keep the authentic clickity sound of an actual old school typewriter!

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Detailed information about Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Retro Inspired Keyboard – Wired and Wireless

Every part of this amazing typewriter keyboard has been redesigned with today’s needs in mind.

Where there once was a return bar that advanced the paper and started a new line, the return bar on the Qwerkywriter S defaults to mimic the “enter” key on a computer keyboard.

But with the innovative design this return bar can also be programmed with a macro of up to 15 characters, so for instance, creating a signature block could be as simple as hitting the return lever.

Then there is the scroll knob. In the olden days those knobs on either side of the typewriter carriage were there for scrolling the paper in and out of the machine.

On this fantastic retro technology keyword, they control page scroll on the computer display as well as the volume level.

Along with all of the ingenious modifications that bring this relic into the modern age, it has to be said that this keyboard is made to last…well, forever.

The aluminum alloy used is tough and holds up to the most vigorous typing, and the electroplating on the outside edge of the individual keys is the same type and quality used in the automotive industry.


Can be used with a hard connect via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth

Programmable return bar for quick signatures and more

Completely constructed from an aluminum alloy for durability

Integrated stand for tablets less than 5/8 of an inch thick