Halloween Gifts & Treats

If you know someone who gets so excited when the calendar turns to October, you need to get them a bunch of Halloween gifts & treats! For many people, Halloween is their favorite holiday of the year! Between the costumes, the haunted houses, and of course, the candy, what is there not to love about this time of year? Maybe their birthday or anniversary also falls in this month, or maybe they just really love celebrating Halloween. Either way, a Halloween gifts are the perfect way to help them get in the spooky spirit. If you aren’t sure what a good Halloween treat is, you have come to the right place. Check out our gift guide, which is filled with all sorts of unique Halloween-themed items, perfect for both guys and girls - as well as kids, teens, and adults.!

10 Things to Consider When Browsing for Halloween Gifts

1. Creepy decor

Of course, what could be better than some creepy decor for the Halloween lover in your life?

Perfect for them to use on Halloween itself for trick or treaters, or to add to their Halloween party. More is always better when it comes to Halloween!

2. Go for fall

Most people that love this holiday also love the fall season in general.

Help them get in the fall spirit with a new wreath for their door, maybe a new fall scented candle, or some decor for their house!

There are plenty of fall/Halloween crossover items as well, so consider those when shopping for the Halloween lover in your life.

3. Treat

You might say trick or treat when you go out for candy, but what is it that you always want? The treat!

Treats - whether it be candy or other sweet treats, make for a perfect Halloween gift.

This is the season to forget about eating healthy and allow yourself to have some delicious snacks.

You can either purchase these treats, or consider getting in the kitchen and making something yourself.

Bonus points if you decorate them to be Halloween themed - you could make treats in the shape of witches hats, spiders, pumpkins, or skeletons - and that’s just to name a few ideas.

4. Clothing and accessories are great

If you are shopping for a lady, you can’t go wrong with some fun clothing or accessories.

There are so many great jewelry options that make the perfect addition to any outfit.

She’ll wear them all month long! If not jewelry, consider something like a sweater, scarf, or hat that is Halloween themed.

Does she have a favorite movie? Use that as the theme - she is sure to love it!

5. Consider activities

There are so many great Halloween traditions, and one is carving pumpkins.

That is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy together, and it can make the perfect theme for a gift.

Consider gifting a new pumpkin carving kit, or maybe some new patterns that can be used.

If you know someone that prefers painting over carving, consider some new paints they can use to decorate this year’s pumpkin!

6. Make it a thank you gift

Is the Halloween lover in your life hosting a big party? Sometimes the best thing is a thank you gift.

As much as they love the holiday and planning the party, anyone who hosts a party will agree it is exhausting.

Consider a nice item that will help them relax - it doesn’t even have to be Halloween themed.

A nice wine-themed gift, some nice desserts, or a bath bomb set for a nice relaxing bath all make for excellent gifts.

7. Go for the games

There are tons of Halloween/spooky themed games out there!

They make for a perfect gift to give to a Halloween lover that hosts parties and loves having people over.

8. Spruce up a practical gift

There are plenty of items we need to use daily. Get the Halloween version and you’ve got a great present! Coffee mug? Get a cauldron mug!

Cooking utensils? Find a set that looks like broom sticks! Soap? Get creative soap in all sorts of spooky shapes!

These are also great for anyone who loves having a little Halloween in their life all year long. Now they can.

9. DIY it

You can always get a little crafty and make your own gift!

There are plenty of tutorials out there on pretty much any type of Halloween decor, food, or costume you could imagine. Get a little creative, have some fun.

10. Book the scariest place in town

For the people that love getting scared, why not research the scariest haunted house in town and get tickets to go?

They will love the gift of an experience - we just hope you’ll love it too!

If you don’t like getting scared, maybe consider getting tickets for someone else to go with them that can handle it.


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Get the Perfect Halloween Treats in Time for the Scariest Night!

Even though Halloween falls on the last day of October each year, for those who truly love it, the celebrations start way earlier than that.

Halloween gifts are perfect for the true Halloween lovers in your life. This might be a child who loves getting dressed up and trick or treating, a teen who loves finding the scariest haunted house each year, or even an adult who loves throwing an annual costume party!

Does this sound like someone you know? We’ve all got at least one Halloween obsessed friend!

Whether you are equally into Halloween or not, you might be totally out of ideas when it comes to a gift. That is okay!

Our team has curated this gift guide to help you out. Filled with all sorts of fun, spooky, or just totally weird items, there is something on this list for everyone.

We have included items for guys and girls of all ages, so no matter who you are shopping for, you can find them something!

A Little Something for Every Pocket

Our gift guide also spans a variety of price points. No matter your budget, you can find the right item that will totally put a smile on someone’s face.

From help with their costume, to the coolest new decor, to classic movies, to totally out there items, we have thought of everything!

No matter who you are shopping for, you can find them the perfect Halloween gifts on this list.

Halloween can sneak up on you if you aren’t careful, so if it is almost October (or already is!) you need to start planning what to get.

Start browsing today!