iPhone Cable

Sometimes the best gift is the simplest one, the one that your gift recipient will actually use on a daily basis.

If they are like most of us, they are likely forgetting their chargers all over the place and would be delighted to have some extra cables around.

They also might be running out of battery in places where they could really use access to their phone.

You can fix both of these issues by providing them with this set of ten lightning port cables, compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus, 6/6s Plus, SE/5c/5s/5, iPad Air/Mini.

Perfect birthday gift idea!

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Detailed information about iPhone Cable

This particular set of cables is not a standard pack. While the neat black color is pretty standard, the shorter length is not.

The cables are just twelve inches (one foot) long, making the cords easily transportable and able to fit into any bag without taking up much room.

The other cables are a more standard three feet, reaching everywhere that your gift recipient needs them to.


4 pack with different sizes

Super practical gift


For iPhone users only