Monikers: The most you will ever laugh playing a game!

You haven’t experienced the best game ever if you haven’t played Monikers. Quoted as, “The most you will ever laugh playing a game,” by Shut Up & Sit Down, Monikers is the game that every family and friend needs. That’s why it is the most fabulous gift for any occasion! A staff pick by the Onion A.V club, Monikers features 440 cards each containing a fictional character or a celebrity. The game is played with a person selecting a card and trying to get the other players to guess the name on their card. Each person or team has 60 seconds to get through as many cards as they can. And there are multiple ways to play the game which means endless fun!

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In the first round players with a card can say anything they want (except for the name) to get the others to guess who’s on the card. In the second round they can only use one word and in the third round, they can’t say anything at all, only charades. The same cards are used in every round which makes the outcome unique and ultimately hilarious.